What is the Shower Faucet Height Must Be – Detailed Manual

When you’re setting your shower head and controls for your shower it is essential to set them at the correct height. Incorrect mounting can cause an endless cycle of frustration and anger. What shower faucet height is should be in order to serve all members of your family in the best way?

What is the Shower Faucet Height Must Be - Detailed Manual Sink and faucet review

The height of the shower head, as well as controls, are determined by the priority and height of the persons using it. A common shower head should sit about 80 inches above the floor, with controls for showers between 38 and 48 inches above the floor, or 8 to 18 inches higher than the faucet in the bath.

These sizes can be determined and found in our home’s situation. We’ve reviewed all factors to consider when choosing the right height of your shower head as well as controls to assist you in making the most informed decision.

Learn this article for more details about measurements, the different types of shower heads, and more.

Height of the Shower Head

It is generally recommended that the shower head is set at a height of around 80 inches higher than the floor. This will be enough for most people.

What is the Shower Faucet Height Must Be - Detailed Manual Sink and faucet review

The dimensions must be done from the floor that is finished to the central position at which the arm of your shower joins the wall.

The height of the shower head can be adjusted and must be curtain by the requirements of your house. In case, you have someone taller than average then you must consider placing it higher than the norm.

If you have several individuals of different heights living within your home, you can select the height that is suitable for the average and making sure that the person with the highest height will not casually hit the head with the shower head.

While taking measurements, it is necessary to consider the length of the shower head arm. Though, if the mount the base of your shower head arm at 80 inches, the length of the arm is likely to lower the height of the shower head a bit.

It is also recommended that the water hits the upper part of the body of the person standing in the shower. This ensures that the water doesn’t fall onto the user’s head and face continuously during showering, however, they can still place their head under water to rinse and wash.

Important to read the shower head’s manual on packaging since it can contain details particular to the product.

Height Shower Control

Shower controls (also called shower valves) are supposed to be 38 to 48 inches from the shower floor.

It could alter depending on whether the valve is regulated in both the bathtub and shower. In this scenario, you’ll want the user to get to the valve while in a sitting position in the bathtub. Set your valve anywhere between 8 and 18 inches above the faucet in the bathtub that is appropriate in your particular circumstance.

What is the Shower Faucet Height Must Be - Detailed Manual Sink and faucet review

The majority of shower faucets come with regulators that prevent the water from reaching an unsafe temperature. In the event that cold water flowing to the shower stops in any way, the water will switch off.

This feature of safety makes it easier to access the shower valve, as most showers unable to reach the searing temperatures.

Height Shifting of Shower Head

In case, you’ve just moved to a new house with a shower head that isn’t high enough there is a method to regulate the height of the shower without altering the position of the shower head set up. You can regard purchasing an “S” shower arm extension.

This arm extension can raise levels of the shower head, without needing to modify the sanitary inside.

Various Types of Shower Heads

If you are unsure of the type of finish you want to use in your shower, check below for some helpful information about all of the possible choices.

What is the Shower Faucet Height Must Be - Detailed Manual Sink and faucet review

Shower Heads with Adjustable Height

In case you need a variety of heights of shower heads, it is worth buying an adjustable shower head. Certain shower heads are connected to a pole that is vertical and can be slid upwards and down the pole depending on the preferences.

In many cases as in the example above the adjusted head is detachable and able to be applied as a handheld sprayer.

The shower valves that have an adjustable height can help to lift the water from your feet all the way over your head. This makes it simpler to wash off hair conditioner and shampoo. It also makes washing your elderly relatives or those who have back issues easy.

There are many methods to adjust the shower valve height. It is possible to have it installed with help of a professional plumber or do it yourself. Below are few options you could consider:

The height adjustment of nail

It requires grinding your current valve down and then installing a new one using the appropriate replacement screws. Then, you’ll need to change the plate that the current valve is mounted onto with an adjustable height plate made specifically for your shower head or faucet. This will let you change your height adjustments.

The ability to adjust the height of your screw

In this option, the same screws that secure your valve in place are utilized on the new valve. The new valve just threaded into the opening in a manner that permits it to be adjusted. You might find it simpler to get a certified plumber to install the new valve, and then adjust it yourself at home after installation is completed.

Manually managed arrangement

This type of system is based on hand tools or a mechanical inverter that is capable to raise either down or up as fast as you push or pull the proper pull chain or lever (depending on the model you have). These are manually operated mechanism and gears that are built into the valve or added after the actual.

Self-Cleaning Mechanisms

These types of shower valves that can be adjusted in height feature a self-adjusting mechanisms in which the valve itself can move either upwards or downwards when you move the shower head forward and back. This is perfect in case you need to rinse out under the shower spray from a fixed point in the shower instead of reaching out to raise the shower head yourself.

Commercial choices

Some commercial options use an attachment that allows you to mount your adjustable height shower valve onto your wall, above the actual shower head. This allows you to bypass the problem of having to step over or crouch down to make adjustments to the shower head.

The Common Height of the Rain Shower Head

The suitable height of the rain shower head is usually at least 84 inches off the floor.

What is the Shower Faucet Height Must Be - Detailed Manual Sink and faucet review

Shower heads for rain are made to make users feel like they’re in the rain with water falling out of the ceiling. They offer water coverage to individuals of all sizes so long as the ceiling of the shower is high enough. Seven feet is eighty-four inches off the shower floor, which is quite high for a person of average height.

The Conjunction of the Shower Head and Handheld Sprayer

It is also possible to purchase an item that has a traditional shower head with a provided handheld sprayer. The perfect choice for those who have children, or those with mobility problems.

They must be placed quite low so that people in the house could achieve their handheld devices.

The High of Tiles Over the Shower Head

The ceiling that is above the shower must be between eight and ten feet above the floor, putting it about three to five feet higher than the head of your shower. It is contingent on how high the shower head is set up anyway.

It is necessary to cover or paint the ceiling or tiles over the shower head with glossy oil-based paint. If not the heat and humidity created by the shower may cause damage to the ceiling.

This item is made up of an ingredient that inhibits mold and mildew ideal for the areas around the shower.

Heights and Clearances for Shower

You change your shower head with a brand new one and all appears to be functioning perfectly. After some time you notice that the water isn’t irrigation out as high or you feel like you’re bending, and it finally occurs to you that the length of the shower valve pipe isn’t long enough.

What is the Shower Faucet Height Must Be - Detailed Manual Sink and faucet review

To determine the ideal height for the showerhead you want to install take these steps:

  1. Start by measuring from the floor to the point where your hands touch when using both arms in order to get as wide a spray of water as you can.
  2. Take the next measurement from the floor to two inches below the point where the spout of the new head will be situated (you’ll need an 18”-wide clearance).
  3. Take a measurement from the floor until the point your hand contacts when you stand straight up.
  4. From there, take the measure of distance where the water will hit your back (18 inches for a one-inch shower head, possibly a few inches less for other sizes.).
  5. Make movements with your hands in front of you until they are touching. Your hand should be roughly the same as the height of your shoulders, if not, keep moving your hands towards the outside until they contact one another.

Horizontal Grab Bars for Shower

Horizontal grab bars for the shower have to be installed at an altitude between 36″ and -42″ for those with disabilities. However, the elevation of your shower valve determines the average. The valve should not be less than 27.5 inches above the floor, or around 78 percent of your height, and not higher than 36 inches above the floor, which is 110 percent of your height.

What is the Shower Faucet Height Must Be - Detailed Manual Sink and faucet review

If you’re tall you should install it just beneath your shoulders while you standing in the bathtub. If you’re shorter, it is best to have it up to your chin while you standing in the tub, and moved down one notch to the point during seated wash time (54 ”).

Your hand will be above the bathroom when it gets towards your face, so you must install a grab bar in a position that is between 30 to 45 degrees.

It is also important to make sure you have the showerhead set not less than 40 inches off the floor. So you don’t be required to bend down excessively each time you wish to take shower yourself or wash somebody else in the shower. The shower head can be set higher, however, it can cause problems that water gets everywhere in the bathroom if the shower head is too high level.

The shower’s width ought to be around thirty inches across from the wall. This will allow a space for people who are less than average height in the bathtub area, and also those of us higher than average when we get out.

Something you might not have thought of when considering handrails is the amount of space that is available in the shower. If you’re small, probably, you don’t require a 30” wide bench. You can just install the 24” one and place the chair on the other side.

This allows you to move about without getting in the way of the walls. If you’re taller than the average height, this area can be beneficial for your own needs also. If your spouse is shorter than average, then this wider bench will allow them to spread out their belongings while taking bath.

Be aware that the space under the sink in your bathroom must be accessible to wheelchairs must be adequate. The space around or under the sink area for wheelchairs must be at least 16” by 24″. In this way, there’s enough room for a person in a wheelchair to move around in their chair or transfer from their chair to the counter.

Video: What is the Shower Faucet Height Must Be

In this video, how to install an adjustable shower arm to raise or lower the height of your shower head.

Helpful Information

  • The code requires that the centerline distance is 30 inches.
  • Shower heads are situated at the standard height of 80″ (203 centimeters) However, shower heads could be set to 72″ (183 centimeters) If you wish.
  • In shower stalls can install the valve to the level of 48 inches or 4 feet.
  • To allow a person to get out from the shower spray within the shower the 42-inch x 36-inch shower is recommended.
  • Place the slide bar in position against the shower wall with its bottom end approximately 52 inches higher than the floor of the tub. (That position lets you change the showerhead’s height from 52 inches to 76 inches, it will fit to the majority people.)
  • If you have several individuals of different heights living within your home, you can take the average height, while making sure that the person with the highest height will not accidentally knock the head on the shower head.
  • A handheld shower can be used instead of, or as an alternative to the shower head fixed to give the user more flexibility.
  • Shower controls must be located at an elevation of 40″-50″ (102-127 centimeters) up the floor of the shower and beyond the direct water stream to escape getting exposed to very hot or cold water during work.
  • In case, your shower stall comes with separate handles for control of hot or cold water, position the handles 8 inches apart from each other in a straight line. One four inches left from the valve, and one four inches right of the valve. Here is how to remove shower handle without screws.
  • Codes mandate that shower valves be either pressure balanced or incorporate the ability to mix thermostatically, or an amalgamation of both to avoid scalding caused by variations in pressure.


The shower head height and the height of the valve are up to you but they must be determined by the height of the person who will utilize the shower. The standard shower head should sit about eighty inches higher than the floor and the control should be between 38 and 48 inches.

The shower’s position changes if it is also being used as a bathtub shower unit. In this case, you’ll need to place the valve between eight and 18 inches higher than the bathtub faucet.

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